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Incursion Rules

All players must make themselves familiar with the Incursion Rules (available at the site, website or upon request) and must ensure that these Rules are adhered to. It is the responsibility of each player to comply with the Rules.

No Loaded Guns in the Safezone.

We will accept a holstered pistol, but any weapon unholstered or loaded is dangerous as people do not wear eye protection in the safezone. If you do load your weapon or return from the gaming area or range, you risk being shot with your own gun as a punishment or asked to leave. No discharging weapons in the safezone

If you do, even to test your battery, you risk being shot with your own gun as a punishment or asked to leave. Sogo to the range.

Full face protection is recommended, if you choose to just wear glasses, please don’t moan because you were shot in the face or loose teeth. Under 18’s must wear full face or have a letter from a parent or guardian stating they are happy for their child to have their teeth shot out!

We recommend that you wear loose baggy clothing, boots and gloves.

You play at your own risk.

Due to the nature of the sport and because it is regarded as an extreme sport, we are unable to insure players against injury. This means if you hurt yourself it is your issue, we as a site are insured and do all we can, where possible, to make things safe. You as players are not insured, thus any injury is your responsibility. If you think about it for a second it makes sense, you came here to shoot guns at each other……..who would insure that? By playing at an EAG site, you have agreed to this.

Injuries are normally red welts to the skin, possibly a blood blister or broken skin, but it is possible to do yourself more damage in unfortunate circumstances, where twists, bruises, bumps, fractures and breaks happen, so please take care of your person.

If you see something at the site, you consider dangerous, please advise us.

Head shots to be avoided where possible

Please target the torso, arms and legs in preference to the head, unless you only have a head shot.

FPS Limits AEG’s, Pistols, Gas Blow Backs and Shot Guns can fire up to 330 FPS with a 0.20 gram bb. No Sniper rifles at the Epsom CQB Bunker but can run up to 500FPS at other sites with a 0.20 gram bb, but must not engage within 30 yards.


Semi at Close range or when called by the Marshal team, this means everyone not just those at the epicentre, this is purely a health and safety element.

Grenades kill at within a 4 metre radius, unless you are in front of hard cover, hardcover must be a building, barricade or tree trunk, not a little bush. If the rounds hit you through foliage, it is a hit.

Keyhole Shooting - If the hole is not 12”s wide then don’t shoot through is, unless it is purpose cut, but if rounds come through any hole regardless of size, they count as hits.

Blind Firing - Fire down your sights, don’t hang the weapon over a barricade or round a corner, if you can’t see what you are shooting at, there could be a person face at the end of your muzzle.

Damage to site - Anyone caught deliberately damaging the site will be made to pay for the damage and escorted off site. Equally, don’t move props as this can ruin games.

Hit Taking - A Hit is when a bb strikes any part of your body or equipment via a direct flight. The only times it does not count is when it strikes your primary weapon, at which point call gun hit (once) or if the bb ricochets off a solid object. A bush is not a solid object. When struck, call hit loudly and then raise your hand. Then return to the regen point. Hit Taking is where this sport “lives or Dies” it can ruin your day and everyone else’s. If you are caught cheating, you will be thrown off the site. You have been warned.

Respawn - Dead Players do not talk other than to call “Dead Man Walking” and return to the regen point.

Briefings - Please pay attention to briefings and be prompt and ready to play.

Sprit of Airsoft - When playing Airsoft get in the spirit of the game, call your hits, congratulate good shots and remember you are here to have fun.

Be Ready – When a game finishes, reload your mags, change your battery or anything else you need to do, before you start telling your friends how god you are or how many kills you got. In other words get ready for the next game. We don’t want you spending your day in the safezone, we want you playing and shooting, as that’s why you came here.

Incursion Airsoft reserves the right to test players (shoot them) to ensure that people are playing by the rules. Marshals may sometimes target players around a suspected cheating player to ensure that all palyer are playing by the rules.

Cheating / Rule Breaking or any other negative activit.

Incursion Airsoft reserves the right to eject any player from the site without explanation or refund.

Marshalls do not wear “high vis”, please check your shots and you won’t shoot them. They are here to improve your day, any issues please advise to them.

Marshals have final say.

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