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Covid 19

Please refer to Government Recommendations or follow your specific medical advice.

Obviously, the health and safety of our members is our top priority.

We all know and accept the inherent risks associated to our beloved extreme sport, however, most of us have experienced the effects, concerns and unfortunate realities of Covid 19.

As there is no cure or vaccine, we must ask anyone wishing to attend our events, to take the health of others into account. If you have any symptoms or have been exposed to someone with symptoms to please not attend until you have observed the recommended isolation period. If you are uncertain or concerned please stay at home.

We recommend that each player brings Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and observes social distancing (1-2 Metres) in the car park, safezone, when signing in, moving to the gaming fields and where possible during the game (if you are concerned). In the safezone you will be required to wear a facemask (mesh does not count). Please try not to bunch up, try not to have multiple people at any barricade, breach points or tree. We will be asking people to observe social distancing when setting up in the safezone. Equally, we have taken measures to be Covid safe, but ultimately the decision to attend is yours.

At Incursion we will sterilise surfaces and equipment where possible, organise parking, make anti-bacterial hand wash available to any member whilst at the site, but ultimately the responsibility is yours to ensure your safety.  We have made adjustments to the safe zone and would ask people to follow our instructions.

All rental masks and equipment will be steam cleaned, then anit-bacterial sprayed, plus will not be used for 72 hours plus. If you wish to provide your own mask you are also more than welcome to.

As I often say, “You come to enjoy yourself, not go home in an ambulance “now we must add or “find yourself very ill or worse”.

The decision is yours to attend, but please be mindful of other people and their experiences during this unprecedented time. Not everyone has had no symptoms or worse.

Please book if you intend to come to either Dorking or Epsom and see the website for details.

John & Jay (Johnson)

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